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Hello, Hacker!

Saturday, February 8

5:07 pm



About Hubble

Hubble is a Chrome Extension for the everyday astronaut, displaying planet data, the number of current people in space, the Hubble Telescope feed, and Nasa's Picture of the Day.

The entirety of the Chrome Extension is built in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. APIs are provided by NASA and OpenWeatherMap.



OpenWeatherMap API

Mars Curiosity API

@spacetelelive on Twitter

Planet illustrations from Figma Community members, Wahyu Pratama, Giorgi Togonidze, Geeks Lab Studio

Our Team: Luke Taylor, Crystal Zhang, Sophia Villalba, Lucas Dunker, Veronica Lekhtman

A special shoutout to HackBeanpot 2022 for giving us this opportunity :)